Summoning and Invocation

Djinn Summoning Ritual 1



 Djinn's are spiritual beings of intense energy, manifestation channeling the natural elements.

These elements, naturally are earth, fire, water and air.

Each of these elements are broken down into the classifications, the marid djinn represents

 water, ifrit represents fire, jann represents earth and the

 shaitain represents air. In general the alliance between man and the jinn gives immense

power to the person or persons involved, human or jinn.

 The power of the djinn are white magic, black magic, chaos, alterations, time,

transportation, elemental, illusion and to transmute.

Do you truly want everything you ever dreamed of?

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These things can all be yours... If you want them...

Astral travel
Psychic powers
A long & healthy life or even... Immortality
Extreme charisma & personal charm
Infinite wishes
Superior communication skills & the ability to persuade anyone
Total financial security
Business & career success
Fame or popularity
Utter happiness & joy
Artistic talent Infinite supreme wisdom
Total peace & security
Protection & control over enemies
Physical beauty, stature & grace
Total self confidence
Unbridled lust
Unlimited cash reserves

 Uses absolutely no animal sacrifices and is the only jinn summoning spell ever created that will

allow you to Summon specific types of djinn of your choice (choose to summon either male or female

and also choose which class of djinn you want to summon: marid, ifrit, ghul, or sila)

No other jinn summoning spell will allow you to choose the type of jinn you wish to summon

Jinn you will summon will be under your command forever

You are only limited by your imagination & personal desires!!!

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