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Djinns And Their History-How To Invoke Them?

Posted by Alex Khan on February 5, 2010 at 7:45 PM

Throughout the centuries, long before the time of Pharaohs and Kings, Djinns were the ruler of Universe.

 Djinns are spiritual beings of intense energy, manifestation channeling the natual elements.

These elements, natually are earth, fire, water and air. Each of these elements are broken down into the

classifications, the marid djinn represents water, ifrit represents fire, jann represents earth and the shaitain

 represents air. In general the alliance between man and the jinn gives immense power to the person or

persons involved, human or jinn. The power of the djinn are white magik, black magik, chaos, alterations,

 time, transportation, elemental, illusion and to transmute. Djinn/Jinn Are Made Of Smokeless Fire.


Djinn have five types or classes according to their power.The Most Powerful Are the ?Marids?

and the Weakest Are ?Jann?. As a beginner you should start with lower class of djinn like ?jann?

as they are easy to control & quick to communicate.


The More Powerful the Djinn Will Be, More Time and Effort Will Be Needed To Control & communicate.

Djinn powers grow as they grow older & expert in different types of magic... Djinn Can Very Easily Twist

 Your Wishes, so be careful when you wish for some thing. Some things Djinns can do for their master.


 Djinn can bring treasures from beneath the earth for their Master. Djinn can teleport their master to

any part of the world. Djinn can make his master invisible from every one! Djinns protect theirs master

 from any kind of physical & psychic attacks. Djinns can tell the location of any lost person.


Your djinn can give the correct winning lottery numbers.... Djinns will protect their master from enemies.

He will create a protective shield around their master against all kind of black magic, hex, Curse & any physical harm!

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Reply Lola
3:22 AM on June 7, 2010 
Hi, which of your products can summon the Jann? I am interested in invoking Djinn and have never done anything of this sort before. I have been fascinated with the occult for years now. Please advise which would be the best invocation to use. I was interested in purchasing the 4 genie invocation. Could you give me more info on that please? How long will it take the genie to manifest or show itself to me if I use the 4 genie invocation? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Reply max
12:51 PM on December 19, 2010 
can you givive me a free invocation ... for the irfrit or jaan . thankyou.
Reply Salud
7:18 AM on February 10, 2013 
Hello. I'm very interested in invoking a djinn.
I want to learn to communicate first, then invoke a "weak" djinn... Or Jann, to start off.
I know protection surahs by heart and have the strongest feeling that I'm ready.
If u send invocation I will greatly appreciate it. As these sort of things are not really for sale, but more of a passed on to tradition. Or so I've heard.
Thanks for your time.
Reply Mohamed Izad Khan Kureembokus
2:33 AM on July 1, 2017 
Can I know the way to invoke a Jann genie
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