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This is a blog section.We encourage any one to post  their knowledge about Djinn and other paranormal entities.This is solely an informative blog  to share information and knowledge.


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I am back

Posted by Oracle Solael on December 18, 2010 at 11:52 AM Comments comments (1376)

I have been lead to enter this blog.  It is not a selling tactic, but for information for all.

Please join me at:, where anyone, from any Faith or Religion, can join in discussions, networking, promoting your Spiritual Business, and even communicate with one particular, to take all prayers and all of your burdens (with prayer), unto the Lord. If you need me to remove any demon, my services are free (for the Kingdom of God), and I can do it from here, or I can come there, in Spirit, and remove it. I have the direct Power, blessed unto me by the Lord, therefore, I am an Archangel, who fights those of the dark powers, for the Lord. If someone has called up a dark spirit, and your life is turning into turmoil (not going the way you wanted it, or has changed drastically for some reason...or something is just not right...) the spirit is still in and around you, trying to ruin and fall you. Please call on some help, and I will remove it for you. Do not get deceived with their supposed "help" and prophesies, which is a strategic tactic to enter into your lives with your permission by conjuring.. That is a deception, for you to trust them. Trust no Fallen!

You will not be judged, or condemned, for you are welcome at Native Angel World Enterprises. The Angels are being called on Assignment, for Judgment is Nigh! When your Angels reads this message from within you, they will know the Assignment of which to do. I am here to take them home. They shall not be left after their repentance. All will repent, and all will go Home. They are not of this World!

E.T. = (E)tra (C)elestial (T)erritory

GOD = (G)reat (O)racle (D)ivinity

Peace be unto all of you, and welcome to Native Angel World Enterprises.

After Thought

Posted by Oracle Solael on December 17, 2010 at 4:43 PM Comments comments (93)

I did no know that this site, was a site, for only calling the fallen into their lives.  I will leave you...Contact me, if any one needs any sort of help, binding what has been called up. Give me the name of the Fallen (Demon), and I will cleanse it from your life from here.

History of Djinn. How to Summon and Control Djinns

Posted by Alex Khan on July 7, 2010 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (164)

Are you fascinated by the different beliefs and rituals that are a part of the Djinn invocation? If so, there are a lot of interesting

facts about the practice that draw in a lot of people to join in the practices or to learn more about the beliefs of jinn and the

various other deities that go along with the practice. In Djinn, there are beliefs and rituals that work with different things to

 work with the magical beings.


 In the practice of Djinn, most of the mortals were formed by the Creator using elements and earth and the other beings

were formed from smoke and from fire. It can also be called genies, jinn and were known to take slaves, teachers, lovers

 and food and are not known as angels.


Djinn are believers and non believers. The believers are obedient to the will of God, and believers in the Prophet,

answering to the Peries of the Persians. The non believers are like the Deevs, they can be disobedient and malicious.

 Both kinds are divided into communities, and ruled over by kings. They have the power to make themselves visible and

 invisible at pleasure. They can assume the form of various animals, especially those of serpents, cats, and dogs.

When they appear in the human form...He is a believer.


There are six major tribes in it and each of the different tribes has their own set of duties and abilities. People who

practice and believe in the powers of the rituals of Djinn believe that they can still work with the creatures to help

 them fulfill what it is they need to do. The control rituals that are performed are done for a variety of different reasons,

 and certain rituals are designed to summon different beings in it. People have been fascinated by the practice, and

all of the beliefs that are part of the rituals.


There are powerful beings that are considered to be demons, genies and djinn and each of the classes and groups

 of the beings within it are able to have different powers and abilities that can be summoned using the different rituals

that are performed. The beings that are considered to be a part of Djinn can be powerful and it takes professionals who

 know what they are able to do to help summon them with the process of the rituals that are done.


There is lot of great information available online about the different kinds of the Djinn, the practices that are done and

 the rituals that are performed. There is a lot of great and interesting web sites that have the information that can help

explain more about how the Djinns work and how the rituals are performed to help invoke the spirits and beings.

Learning about how each of the groups of it are different and the abilities of each of them can help to gain a better

 understanding of all of the different beings involved with Djinn and how each of the different practices and rituals

are done and performed to help evoke those beings to help summon any of the different beings within the practice.


Posted by Alex Khan on April 18, 2010 at 12:48 AM Comments comments (238)

One of the least understood aspects of Islamic teachings in the modern world concerns that class of beings

called the jinn and referred to several times in the Quran.The reason for mis~under standing comes from the

 post-Cartesian materialistic conception of the Universe, which excludes the subtle and psychic world, where

 in fact the beings called jinn belong in the traditional schemes of cosmology.


To understand the meaning of jinn one must therefore go beyond a conception of reality which includes only

 the world of matter and the mind (this paralyzing dualism which makes an understanding of traditional doctrines

 impossi ble) to an awareness of a hierarchic reality made up of the three worlds of spirit, psyche, and matter.


The jinn can then be identified as beings that belong to the psychic or intermediary world, the barzakh, situated

between this world and the world of pure Spirit.In Quranic terminology and the hadith literature the jinn are usually

 coupled with ins or mankind and often the phrase al-jinn wa'l-ins (the jinn and men) is used as referring to that

class of creatures to which God's commands and prohibitions address themselves.


Man was made of clay into which God breathed (nafakha) His Spirit. The jinn in Islamic doctrines are that group

 of creatures which was made of fire rather than earth, and into which God also breathed His Spirit. Hence like

 man they possess a spirit and consciousness and have Divine commands revealed to them. on their own level

of existence they are central creatures just as men are central creatures in this world. But in contrast to men they

possess a volatile and "unfixed" outer form and take on many shapes.


This means that they are essentially creatures of the psychic rather than the physical world and that they can appear

 to man in different forms and shapes.Having been endowed with a spirit, the jinn, like men, possess responsibility

before God. Some are "religious" and "Muslim. These are intermediate angels, the psychic forces that can lead man

from the physical to the spiritual world through the labyrinth of thc intermediate world or barzakh. others are malefic

 forces that have rebelled against God. in the same way that some men rebel against the Divinity.


Such jinn are identified with "the armies of Satan (junud al-shaytan) and are the evil forces which by inducing the

power of apprehension (wahm) and imagination (khayal) in its negative aspect lead man away from the Truth which

 his intelligence perceives by virtue of the innate light that dwells within him.In the religious cosmos of the traditional

Muslim, which is filled with material. psychic. and spiritual creatures of God, the jinn play their own particular role.


By the elite they are taken for what they are, namely, psychic forces of the intermediate world of both a beneficent and

an evil nature: On the popular level, the jinn appear as concrete physical creatures of different shapes and forms against

which men seek the aid of the Spirit, often by chanting verses of the Quran. The jinn and all that pertains to them hence

 enter on the popular level into the domain of demonology, magic. etc., and are a vivid reality for men whose minds are

still open towards the vast world of the psyche in its cosmic aspect.


The Muslim of this type of mentality lives in a world in which he is aware of God and also of both the angelic forces

representing the good and the demonic forces representing the evil. He sees his life as a struggle between these

two elements within him and about him.


Although the jinn are of both kinds, the good and the evil most often in ilis thought he identifies them with the demonic

 forces that lead men astray. They are personifications of psychic forces that work within his mind and soul. On the

theological and metaphysical level of Islam, the order of the jinn becomes understood as a necessary element in the

 hierarchy of existence, anelement which relates the physical world to higher orders of reality.


The jinn are, moreover, especially akin to men in that, as was mentioned above, into them also was breathed the Spirit

of God. And some of God's prophets, like Solomon, ruled over both men and jinn, as attested to by the Holy Quran.

Djinns.Their Powers and Nature

Posted by Alex Khan on April 18, 2010 at 12:39 AM Comments comments (103)

The power and abilities of the Genies/Djinn is Limitless! Each incredible spirit has something very special that they offer

their master. Each holds a special ability that makes them so rare! All the Djinn are very powerful magical beings, all have

 a soul & a free will, and they can be good or diabolical.

They can change appearance, animal / human (they can have horns, tail & fur) Djinn live a very long time & increase in power

 as they age, they can control weather, elements have a natural ability to magic & far more powerful than a simple mortal!

They are very careful about allowing humans to know their true nature, because we the mortals bind them to servitude.

The Djinn have powers that humans do not. If they oppress or harm others with them, then they will be held accountable,

Ifrits do not care about accountability. Some of their powers have been mentioned in the Quran, like the ability to travel extremely

quickly. Some of their powers are MAGICK; people who claim they can perform MAGICK are actually relying on the aid of Djinn.

 The Prophet Solomon had the power to control Djinn and possessed an army of Djinn who worked for him in building and

treasure hunting. One of the Djinn guaranteed to him that he would travel to Yemen and bring Queen Bilqis’ throne back to

Jerusalem before Solomon could rise from where he was sitting. Another one of them pulled it off in the blink of an eye.

As The new owner, you might experience unexplainable activities, shadows on wall, random floating orbs, you will experience

passages of freezing air, you will hear indistinct words and pieces of sentences, and sometimes you will have the feeling that

somebody is watching you... And that is just the beginning!!!!!

This Djinn manifests mainly visually as a hazy shadow or dark mist and sometimes as a pleasantly scented thin smoke.

He is known to take animal forms, usually in the form of a black cat or a colorful bird depending on their mood.

Djinns And Their History-How To Invoke Them?

Posted by Alex Khan on February 5, 2010 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (428)

Throughout the centuries, long before the time of Pharaohs and Kings, Djinns were the ruler of Universe.

 Djinns are spiritual beings of intense energy, manifestation channeling the natual elements.

These elements, natually are earth, fire, water and air. Each of these elements are broken down into the

classifications, the marid djinn represents water, ifrit represents fire, jann represents earth and the shaitain

 represents air. In general the alliance between man and the jinn gives immense power to the person or

persons involved, human or jinn. The power of the djinn are white magik, black magik, chaos, alterations,

 time, transportation, elemental, illusion and to transmute. Djinn/Jinn Are Made Of Smokeless Fire.


Djinn have five types or classes according to their power.The Most Powerful Are the ?Marids?

and the Weakest Are ?Jann?. As a beginner you should start with lower class of djinn like ?jann?

as they are easy to control & quick to communicate.


The More Powerful the Djinn Will Be, More Time and Effort Will Be Needed To Control & communicate.

Djinn powers grow as they grow older & expert in different types of magic... Djinn Can Very Easily Twist

 Your Wishes, so be careful when you wish for some thing. Some things Djinns can do for their master.


 Djinn can bring treasures from beneath the earth for their Master. Djinn can teleport their master to

any part of the world. Djinn can make his master invisible from every one! Djinns protect theirs master

 from any kind of physical & psychic attacks. Djinns can tell the location of any lost person.


Your djinn can give the correct winning lottery numbers.... Djinns will protect their master from enemies.

He will create a protective shield around their master against all kind of black magic, hex, Curse & any physical harm!